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*What does it cost?

  • $150 reservation fee per month for individual households (Prep, Drive Time, Storage)

  • $10/Plate (Includes entree, two sides and drink}

  • $22/Plate for specialty items (Ribeye Steak, Smoked Ribs, Lamb chop includes two sides)

  • $32 Dinner Plate for two (Includes entree, two sides, garden salad, dessert, roll)

  • $37 Specialty items Dinner Plate for two

  • Extra Side: $2/each

  • Salads extra. 

    • Spinach/Kale: $2.89​

    • Side: $2.89

    • Ahi Tuna Tartare: $7.19

    • 7-Layer: $7.19

  • $2/Dessert

  • 5% Discount to new or expecting families (last trimester, or first month after baby is born)

  • 5% Discount to military families on the weekends of Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veteran's Day

What the *asterisk? 

  • The price includes one entree and two sides.

  • Additional sides are extra

  • Orders must be placed 24-48 hours in advance

  • The price doesn't include sales tax (4%).

  • The cost of dessert, even though ideal if it was, is not included. 

  • Half of the reservation fee must be paid upfront ($75). The balance, in addition to the cost of the plate(s) is due at the time of delivery

  • The 5% discount to new or expectant families applies to the last trimester and the first month after the baby is born

  • All sales are final.

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