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​How does this work?

  • Delivery is by appointment only.  

    • Want a specific time for delivery? Let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you. ​

Is there an order minimum?

  • Yes. There is a $26-$30 order minimum for select menus (which doesn't include sales tax or delivery. Womp.)

Is the food delivered hot?

  • No. It's made fresh, but then prepackaged and served cold. You just have to reheat and eat!

Will prices change?​

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice

I can't order online, what's up with that?

  • We do have a certain delivery area but if you give us a call and depending on your location, we will try to work with you. 404.369.4377

You choose. We cook. We deliver. You reheat. It's just that simple.

Please Read Before Ordering​

  • If there are dietary restrictions or allergens, please let D'Lishes Dishes by Deb know. We will try our best to accommodate our customers within reason.

  • D'Lishes Dishes by Deb will try our best to separate equipment, but some products in our food (allergens included) may be made on shared equipment.

  • D'Lishes Dishes by Deb uses proper preparation, storage, packaging and transport of items

  • If not reheating and eating immediately, it is the customer's responsibility to refrigerate meals immediately after receiving them (40 degrees or below). 

  • D'Lishes Dishes by Deb will not be held liable for improper food storage by customer

  • For Reheating, please remove plastic top from reusable and microwavable container or when applicable, place aluminum pan in oven



WARNING: Please be advised that our food may contain these items: Milk, egg, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.  

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