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Deborah Tuff

"Food is art. And should be treated as if it's an exquisite work at the Louvre in Paris - Carefully and with love."  

Deborah has a passion for food and a passion for people. As a seasoned journalist, she's been able to fulfill her passion for people, by living in nearly a dozen states and meeting people and telling their stories. Many of those people she met over long meals, and candid colorful conversations.

Deborah's love for food began at a young age. As a little girl she watched her grandmothers Mary 'Little Ma' White and Daisy 'Big Ma' Tuff stand over small stoves, with cast-iron skillets, worn pots and wrinkled hands. Though they didn't have all the fancy stuff, they made the food with love. Every snap, every dip, every peel. Folks came from far and wide to Little Ma and Big Ma's. They had two different homes, in two different cities. Still, both had a place for people who wanted to eat good food, chat about their days and leave their worries behind. Their love for everyone, was just as thick as the Banana Bread slices Big Ma forced you to eat (which was great with a glass of milk)! 

That's what D'Lishes Dishes by Deb is. A business that wants to cater to those who want to eat fresh food, with great taste, prepared with your busy day in mind. And we'll deliver the food, right to your door. Try us out. We'd love to meet you. 

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